Lighthouses and Boats

26th June 2012
What with evrything going on - football, holidays etc not been out as often as I would like but had two really good albeit different trips out with the camera. Penmon Point in Anglesey has been well photographed but not by me so I went on a beautiful June afternoon - the sun even shone and it was warm too. Plenty of photo opportunities here - the rocks and lighthouse of course but also cliffs (albeit a little small!) and wild flowers growing in and around the rocks. Not much cloud interest but some fantastic light and as always I left too early - the twilight was almost surreal but regretfully I only saw it from the car!
Another place I have visited before but not with the camera at the right time is Sunderland Point near Heysham. Its a small place but was once a thriving port - it can only be reached at low tide via a causeway and if you leave it too late you could be stuck for hours. There are plenty of boats in the estuary along with rocks and pools. Lots of flowers around but as always on this coast when the tide goes out it goes a long way!
I've placed shots from both places in the 'Latest Images' portfolio - if you do like what you see please leave a message - it makes me feel better and feeds my ego!!