Heysham Shipwreck

20th March 2012
Went up to Heysham last week to shoot late afternoon light on the rocks and then to take a sunset. I had been reading Pete Bridgwood's article in Outdoor Photography about achieving perfect composition and thought I would try a few things out. I've never quite been with the 'shoot to the right' brigade as the image just doesn't look right in camera but heh who am I to argue with Pete Bridgwood!
Whilst wandering around the rocks on the foreshore I spotted what looked like a wrecked ship at the waters edge - I wandered over carefully as there are quicksands around here and took a few shots of the wreck - its in three main pieces but the timbers are in surprisingly good condition as it was sunk in 1903. After some research when I got home turns out the ship was the 'Vanadis' which had a bit of a chequered career and was finally sunk in heavy seas in 1903 - all the crew were saved and the wreck actually sank into the sand for many years to emerge in the mid-1990's. The timbers are now covered in barnacles/mussels but makes for a very interesting subject.
Although Heysham and surrounding area is not far from my home I don't know it very well so it will be one I'll come back to over the next few months.
I've uploaded a few images of the wreck and that nights sunset.