Grey Sky.....

08th April 2013
....don't you just hate it - for a photographer there's no drama, no interest and little colour and I hate them and we've had an awful lot just lately.
Still there has been the odd good day albeit very cold still - not much sign of spring yet though.

Still had some interesting trips though - I've been trying to concentrate on more local locations - hence visits to the Forest of Bowland, the coast around Morecambe, Heysham and Hest Bank as well as my usual places like Silverdale. The trick is to try and show a familiar location in new light and thats the really difficult bit although the more visits you make to a location the more photo viewpoints you spot!

I also went to Wastwater for a full day staying for sunset which was absolutely freezing. Whilst there I met another photographer who had just got his new Canon 650D and admitted to being absolutely terrified of it - he was afraid if he altered anything he would not know how to put it back. I gave him quite a bit of help over the next hour or so but I realised how much I have actually learnt over the last 3 years of serious photography - from studying other photographers to workshops with Dennis Bromage, from Ephotozine - the online photo community to 500px and 1x - where the level is a bit more rareified, but also to the improvements in the level of kit I use.

I have been considering trying to sell some of my photos - probably at craft fairs to recoup some of the expenditure - need to think it through though before I take the plunge. So if the taxman is reading this I don't sell any yet!

I've a trip planned up to Scotland - Lochinver in Sutherland and I'm really looking forward to that - my only issues are the weather of course and the number of memory cards I'll need to take.

As we roll on into summer the dawn starts become even earlier but at least its not as cold so hopefully the exposure count will continue to rise.