2013 and about time....

05th February 2013
....I updated this blog. I don't get many hits on this website at present but it pays to be patient( people keep telling me!)
The weather has been very up and down (photographically speaking) and some planned shoots just didn't work - due to the forecast being wrong or the conditions not quite right. At those times I tend to experiment with camera settings, try different compositions etc. I really must make an effort this year to be bolder with my photography.
One area I have wanted to get into is portraits so one of my Christmas presents was a location lighting course with Studio Sphere in Nelson - thats coming up in April so hopefully there will be some images to check out after that!
I also want to spend more time shooting in Lancashire and the North West - its my home area but I've tended to speed up to the Lakes more often than not. Some of my latest images are of Silverdale - I love that place - not many other people venture there apart from dog walkers so I often have it to myself.
I've also worked on a Facebook page and tried to keep it updated with new work - although I am a bit supicious of their terms and conditions which remove some of our rights as photographers.
I'm going to revisit some locations with the D800 and update some of my images and as my photoshop/lightroom skills improve I'll improve some of my existing images.
All in all should be a busy year.